Thursday, July 14, 2005


Steve Gilliard debunks yet another spin!

THE NEWS BLOG: "Bob Somersby makes this wrong, but interesting argument

Did King Karl know that Plame was covert? Let's note one key point for the record: Under terms of the most relevant statute, it isn't clear that Plame really was such an agent. (Under terms of this statute, a 'covert' agent is someone 'who is serving outside the United States or has within the last five years served outside the United States.' It isn't clear that Plame qualifies.) At any rate, if Rove didn't know that Plame was covert, it isn't clear that he committed a crime--and no one has really begun to show that he had such knowledge. But so what? This hasn't stopped the triumphalist liberal web from aping the pseudo-con world of the 90s. In that decade, everything Clinton did was a crime, and every bit of 'evidence' 'proved' it. This produced a decade of sheer stupidity--a decade the liberal web starts to match.

Why is it wrong?

Because unless Joe Wilson is lying, and her collegues as well, she was a NOC (non-official cover) agent. Her resume didn't list CIA as her employer, but a front based in DC. I mean, a lot of her activities as a NOC are in the public record.

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