Saturday, July 16, 2005

FOX Carolina The Ten O'Clock News Christian Exodus Planned For South Carolina

Strange story! I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I would not like this if I were South Carolinian. On the other hand, it would be undoubtedly good for the rest of the country to lose some of their Religious Right types to South Carolina. Afterall, the state's politics have already been taken over by "Christian" Conservatives, more or less, and it can't get any worse than it presently is.

FOX Carolina The Ten O'Clock News Christian Exodus Planned For South Carolina: "Plans to reform our government to more Christian-like principals are in the works and we may feel the effects, right here in the Upstate. That is because South Carolina has been chosen as the place for hundreds, even thousands of Christians to move to, in hopes of impacting the government. But people who live here have mixed opinions about the Christian Exodus.

Denise Collins-Bennett lives in Florence, SC and says, 'I guess it's great to have more Christian groups moving here.'

Here, is South Carolina: the chosen location for the Christian Exodus, a non-profit group organizing Christians to move to the Palmetto State to concentrate the number of Christians in one location with the intent to influence how the state governs. A plan that some residents say we need.

'I think it's fantastic, I think we need more of that actually. I don't know which direction our government is heading in, but I think they need Christian influence, it would go a long way, I really think so,' says Mauldin resident, Reggie Brow"

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