Thursday, September 08, 2005

Daily Kos: Intentional negligence by Fed Gov?

Daily Kos: Intentional negligence by Fed Gov?: "Intentional negligence by Fed Gov?
by contrapunktus [Subscribe]
Thu Sep 8th, 2005 at 14:27:12 CST

Just a thought:

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Is it possible that this administration is, in a perverted way, content with their response to Katrina? After all, it does prove the long held republican contention that government doesn't work. I won't be surprised to see an effort to further centralize the emergency response branches of the federal government, �la the Patriot Act.Perhaps even an effort to privatize the services that should be, and should have been rendered by FEMA and DHS with some good old no-bid contracts.

In a way, the republicans are apparently correct. The government really DOESN'T work, at least not when they are in charge of it."

How many have died? Phoenix and Arizona News, Live Weather, Web Cams and More: "Congressman reports more than 100 died in a warehouse, waiting for rescue

Posted: 09/07/2005 15:05:14

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Even as crews in New Orleans try to find and count the corpses that are decaying in the 90-degree heat, reports of the extent of the tragedy are starting to emerge.

A Louisiana congressman says more than 100 people died at a warehouse along a New Orleans dock. Congressman Charlie Melancon (muh-LAWN'-suhn) says they died as they waited for rescuers to take them to safety.

And a state lawmaker says 30 people died at a flooded-out nursing home just outside New Orleans. Nita Hutter says the staff had left the residents behind in their beds. A rescue that was supposed to take place never materialized."

This is just getting worse even after more than a week. The New York Times says fema has ordered 25,000 boby bags. The Tennessean interviewed a mortician named Dan Brukner working for the Disaster Mortuary Responce Team and he reported that he was told to expect up to 40,000 dead bodies in the three affected states.