Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Walker raising taxes on poor, middle class, and students

Low and middle income people would lose tax credits worth about $49.4 million over two years, the new Legislative Fiscal Bureau report said.

Those affected most by Walker’s proposal would include low-income families who qualify for the earned income tax credit program, and low-income homeowners who receive tax rebates under the homestead tax credit.

In addition to eliminating these tax credits, Walker also has proposed a spate of new fee increases. The “bulk of the fee increases are for tuition at University of Wisconsin campuses, totaling more than $105 million over two years.”

To the extent the teabag candidates like Ryan and Walker actually attracted working class voters, it would be pretty much over now with their taxes. Thank goodness the Democrats in Wisconsin are not Center-Rightists like Mario Cuomo,Bill Clinton, and Barak Obama, so Wisc does have an alternative. Democrats lost in Wisconsin because of a free market fundamentalist, citizen united, funded jihad against Feingold. Also the national party did not run a candidate against Ryan despite his district being Democratic leaning.

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