Monday, April 18, 2011

Daily Kos: Tea party fizzle across the nation

Daily Kos: Tea party fizzle across the nation:
"Only 300 people (including a horde of Palmetto political operatives) attended the event in downtown Columbia, S.C. – which is a generous estimate in our book. That attendance figure – confirmed by other media outlets – amounts to less than one-tenth the size of multiple crowds that have gathered at the S.C. State House in recent years in support of parental choice.
It’s also roughly a tenth the size of the crowd that attended this same event in 2009.

The police estimate of 250 attendees in Carson City was far short of the record 2,000 who attended a similar, but much more rowdy rally in front of the Legislative Building on Tax Day in 2009.
In Las Vegas, police estimated the crowd at about 250 people. Two years ago, the Tax Day rally drew from 1,500 to 2,000 people at Sunset Park."

I wonder if all those baggers with the keep the governments hand off my social security signs, were just badly misinformed liberal seniors. They were scaremongered into joining from some sort robocall campaign. Now that Ryan has outed the true teabag agenda as being privatization of medicare and social security the audience has dried up.

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