Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fear Exceeded Crime's Reality in New Orleans - New York Times

No rapes have been reported to the police. Neither have any shootings at helicopters.
Fear Exceeded Crime's Reality in New Orleans - New York Times: "In an interview last week with The New York Times, Superintendent Compass said that some of his most shocking statements turned out to be untrue. Asked about reports of rapes and murders, he said: 'We have no official reports to document any murder. Not one official report of rape or sexual assault.'

On Sept. 4, however, he was quoted in The Times about conditions at the convention center, saying: 'The tourists are walking around there, and as soon as these individuals see them, they're being preyed upon. They are beating, they are raping them in the streets.'

Those comments, Superintendent Compass now says, were based on secondhand reports. The tourists 'were walking with their suitcases, and they would have their clothes and things taken,' he said last week. 'No rapes that we can quantify.'

Rumors Affected Response

A full chronicle of the week's crimes, actual and reported, may never be possible because so many basic functions of government ceased early in the week, including most public safety record-keeping. The city's 911 operators left their phones when water began to rise around their building."

I am betting crony controlled fema spread them to cover their asses. Afterall fema would constantly announce on cnn it was suspending operations based on these reports.

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