Friday, September 30, 2005

Daily Kos: John Bolton: Crazy Von Mustache is Baaa-acccck!

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Daily Kos: John Bolton: Crazy Von Mustache is Baaa-acccck!: "John Bolton: Crazy Von Mustache is Baaa-acccck!
by Melody Townsel [Subscribe]
Fri Sep 30th, 2005 at 10:38:12 CST

Hello, Kossacks:

I've been laying low here on Kos lately, spending my free time for the last month on Katrina relief -- but this news is well worth sharing.

Our friend Steve Clemons over at the Washington Note is reporting that the Mustachinator is forging new ground in Bushco's race to push the envelope of dysfunctional loyalty. This week, well-placed sources tell Clemons that Joltin' Bolton is tapping Jeffrey Gedmin as a senior member of his staff.

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Here's Steve's take on the news:

President Bush stands by those loyal to him -- as he did with John Bolton, who was precisely the wrong person to send as America's Ambassador to the U.N.

Now John Bolton is reportedly gathering a new group of staffers loyal specifically to him.

News has just reached TWN that Aspen Institute Berlin Director Jeffrey Gedmin, who worked at the American Enterprise Institute with Bolton and who directed AEI's New Atlantic Initiative, will be joining Bolton as one of his senior staff at the mission."

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