Monday, July 18, 2005

Daily Kos: The CIA's Plame/Brewster Jennings Damage Assessment Report

Interesting observation on the damage the White House Leakers might have caused to Plame's CIA front Brewster Jennings and Associates.

Daily Kos: The CIA's Plame/Brewster Jennings Damage Assessment Report:

"Whenever there is a major intelligence f*ck-up, such as Aldrich Ames or Robert Hanssen, the CIA performs an exhaustive, meticulous damage assessment of the harm inflicted on our intelligence operations and national security.

Let's remind ourselves of the 18 month-long damage assessment the CIA conducted after catching Aldrich Ames:

"For the past year and a half, an independent team of Intelligence Community analysts and operations officers has conducted a Damage Assessment of the actions of Aldrich Ames, who, while a CIA Directorate of Operations officer from 1985 to 1994, committed espionage for Soviet (and later Russian) intelligence. This Damage Assessment, commissioned by my predecessor, is now complete.


The damage which Aldrich Ames did to his country can be summarized in three categories:

-- By revealing to the Soviet Union the identities of many assets who were providing information to the United States, he not only caused their executions, but also made it much more difficult to understand what was going on in the Soviet Union at a crucial time in its history;

-- By revealing to the Soviet Union the way in which the United States sought intelligence and handled assets, he made it much more difficult for this country to gather vital information in other countries as well;

-- By revealing to the Soviet Union identities of assets and American methods of espionage, he put the Soviet Union in the position to pass carefully selected 'feed' material to this country through controlled assets;

The damage done by Aldrich Ames is documented in the Damage Assessment Report which I have submitted to the intelligence committees. I endorse the Report. I have also made this painstaking work of many months available to other agencies of government so that damage control actions can be taken."

You can bet your bottom dollar that the CIA has conducted a painstaking, meticulous damage assessment of the harm caused by Rove and his co-conspirators, which led to the loss not just of Valerie Plame as an agent, but of Brewster-Jennings as a front company and the use of any agent ever who worked for that Brewster Jennings front.

This damage assessment report is presumably still classified. But you can bet Fitzgerald hauled its authors into the grand jury room, and whatever harm was done to our national security because of Rove's malignancy -- Fitzgerald knows about it."

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